A New Project

Some times you can motivate yourself, and sometimes you need a big push. Today, I decided to push myself. So, I’m planning  a new project. Specifically, the Shaker side table that was published in the September 2004 issue of Woodworking Magazine. It’s exciting and scary because I’ve never really built a piece of furniture before. A few silverware trays, a Shaker oval box, and a couple of outdoor Morris chairs but nothing that you could really keep in the house.

This project will also fulfill a need. When we purchased our bedroom furniture a few years ago, we could only afford one night stand. My wife needed it more than I did, so the floor and my dresser have been filling in over on my side of the bed. Time to get the woodworking books off the floor and my clock where I can see it without raising my head in the middle of the night.

The original table was made of cherry with poplar for most of the drawer parts. This one will use white oak for the legs and front rails and either walnut or cherry for the top and aprons. Cherry preferably, but I might not have enough of that on hand. Either should give a nice contrast to the white oak. This project will take a while, so don’t expect daily posts on its progress. It will be pretty busy on the home front between now and then so it may be a while before anything else gets put up here. Hopefully, I can push myself into action soon.


The Bumbling Apprentice

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